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Terms & Conditions

Overview: Our policies are detailed in each project contract. Below are ranges and typical scenarios for key elements:

  • Project Deliverables & Timeline: Vary based on project scope. Typically, 4-12 weeks.

  • Payment Schedule: Deposits are usually 50%, with the balance due upon project completion. For projects over $10,000, the project may be split into multiple installments.

  • Scope and Additional Work: Extra tasks are billed at $350/hour. Urgent tasks may incur a 30% rush fee.

  • Revisions: One round is included; additional revisions are billed at the standard rate.

  • Cancellation Policy: Termination requires payment for completed work. Typical charge is at our hourly rate against the project completion percentage.

  • Refund Policy: If we do not fulfil the scope of work as promised, we will refund payment commeasure with the incompletion. Refunds must be requested in writing within 7 days of receiving a milestone.

  • Display of Work: We reserve the right to showcase completed projects in our portfolio.

For detailed and specific policies, refer to your individual project contract or contact us